Sweaty McGrumpypants

I am generally a pretty happy person (really!) but there is one thing that makes me exceedingly grumpy, and that is hot and humid weather. Particularly the type found at the equator.

For several weeks the temperature climbed and climbed and climbed until it was unbearably hot. And the humidity just made it that much worse. Everything was slimy and slippery, and I was SWEATY. I don’t do sweaty. My t-shirt would be sweaty, my butt would be sweaty, my feet would be sweaty-er. WIth all that sweat comes much grumpiness, much ugly, nasty grumpiness that I have a hard time dealing with. Not only my own grumpiness but the grumpiness of thousands of other hot and sweaty grumpy people.

And then we turned north. You might have seen us? We sailed right up through the Strait of Hormuz and all of a sudden the temperature dropped from grumpy-hot to a cool and refreshing 65°!

It’s amazing what a difference the temperature makes. Everyone seems so much less crappy now, or maybe that’s just my optimism returning. Or maybe the sweat just stopped dripping into my eyes.

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  1. Big Brother

    funny…coming from someone born on the first day of summer ;P

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